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Unlimited subscription member royalty free music for workout fitness video

License Royalty Music Monthly Subscription Pricing

License Royalty Music Monthly Subscription Pricing

Song Tent & Fit Beat Music offers several monthly subscription options that allow you full unlimited access to our entire royalty free music catalog for use in digital streaming videos and commercial music options (music on hold, web stream, radio & TV commercials, public performance and more) all for one flat monthly rate.  See below for our three primary subscription plans.

Subscription Benefits

  • Full access to over 750 songs with new songs updated every month*
  • All songs are FULL LENGTH (3-6 minutes)
  • Bonus section with short 1 minute songs for video ads, promos, etc.
  • You are free to edit, re-arrange, & manipulate our songs to fit your production needs**
  • Full access to unpublished songs (not listed on this site)
  • Full access to Fit Beat mixes including unpublished mixes
  • Choose between vocal & instrumental songs
  • Select Your Songs As Needed, When Needed – No Waiting
  • Sync License for Digital Streaming Videos
  • No payments to performing rights organizations (1 license covers all rights)
  • Full perpetuity means that you pay once for any specific media production (title) and your selected song(s) are good for the life of that project title
  • No territory restrictions for digital media productions

Membership Pricing & Options

$49 Month

3 month term | Cancel anytime after

Recommended for individual group fitness instructors

  • Full unlimited access to our entire song & mix catalog
  • Unlimited use of our catalog for your online streaming videos
  • Unlimited use of our catalog for your posted online videos
  • youtube, facebook, vimeo, zoom, instagram, tik tok and more
  • License never expires for posted videos during your membership

$149 Month

6mo term | Cancel anytime after

Recommended for small business use (streaming only)

  • Access to entire song & mix catalog
  • Use of songs & mixes in all digital streaming video formats
  • Use of songs & mixes in venues (shops,  bars, restaurants, gyms, etc)
  • Use of songs & mixes in public performance (demonstrations, exhibitions, festivals, etc)
  • Limit of up to 4 production/media titles per month (digital streaming format)
  • 6 month term limit (cancel anytime after)


License agreement: The subscription allows you to use our music by following our standard license rules (Read the License). While the downloads are available during your subscription term, the licenses for the downloaded tracks are valid forever.


All songs & mixes in our complete catalog (listed & unlisted) are hosted via dropbox.  We’ve created a special interface within our website to allow you access to all files (songs, mixes & bonus content) on our MEMBERS DOWNLOAD PAGE.  You do not have to have a dropbox account to gain access to the music as we provide you with your own unique account access (click here for benefits of a dropbox account).  If you decide to get your own dropbox account, please use “” as the referrer (helps to get us bonus storage space for more music!).


You are free to edit, re-arrange & reformat the audio as you see fit to work within your media production, however, you are not allowed to extend a song beyond 6 minutes in total length (unless song is greater than 6 minutes, in that case, can not be extended beyond it’s original length).  You are free to shorten as needed.


There is no term limit for personal subscriptions.  You are free to cancel anytime without notice.  For our commercial (business & enterprise) plans, we require a minimum of 6 months before you can cancel.  We do this to ensure the subscribers who choose this program are indeed in business for the long term and not to just to get a quick flat rate bulk license on one time projects.  We’re committed to bringing you fresh content but we also need to know that our subscribers are committed to us as well to make this work.


There are no refunds on annual subscription plans.  You pay the full amount in advance (for 10 months) and get a full 12 months of service.  Upon conclusion of your annual subscription, your account will auto renew unless written notice of cancellation is received (via email) within 30 days of your final month of service.

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